Thanks to Brantford’s John Gignac, a retired firefighter who has worked tirelessly to get the Hawkins-Gignac Act passed. This act mandates Carbon Monoxide alarms in all residences in Ontario at risk of the deadly gas. The only way to detect if the deadly gas is leaking into your home is with a CO alarm. Residential buildings include single-family homes, semi-detached, town homes, apartments, hotels, retirement homes, student housing and dormitories–anywhere there is a fuel-burning appliance, such as a furnace, space heater, and the like, or a garage attached to a residence. The law also mandates proper checking, maintenance and replacement of the CO alarms, as is the case with smoke alarms.

There can’t be too much public awareness about this important safety issue. Check your residence today and if you have any questions about where they need to be located or maintenance of the alarm, please check with your local firehall. They will be more than willing to help you out.