I have recently assisted two buyers purchasing homes covered with vines. In the first case, the seller had removed all the vines and as a result, all the damage was visible during the home inspection process. Buyers may be surprised to learn that the vines can grow through the soffits, in between windows and screens, and into the attic of the home. They can create damage in the mortar of the bricks and affect the stability of the chimney. The buyers decided to negotiate a reduction in the original sale price for brick and mortar repair and to replace all the soffits and eavestroughs of the home. They were successful and decided to go ahead with the sale.

In the second case, I made my first time buyers aware of what I had learned about the damage caused by vines. After completing their home inspection, they decided not to take a chance on possible damage as the vines had not been removed and ¬†they covered the home’s exterior completely. There were other issues revealed in the home inspection so the buyers decided to ask for a mutual release from the sale. We were successful and they went on to purchase a better home for them.

As an experienced realtor, I must disclose what I know. Now that I know about vines, I have to advise my buyers if they have interest in making an offer on a home with vines. The decision will be theirs but they will have the information to make an informed decision.

Realtor experience and time in the business count!